SINCE 1981

Since 1981 Cofrimell has been in the international market for over 40 years, continuously growing and expanding itself. Nowadays it’s a leader company at an international level in the field of the commercial refrigeration.

Cofrimell has a wide range of products, in continuous evolution, and has always represented a synonym of reliability, constant research of quality and design.


One of the flagships of Cofrimell is the great attention we place in the production process of our machines; starting from the steel cutting, which is performed with precision machinery, up to the final testing. Each element that makes up the models is revised several times to ensure the highest quality of the finished product. The refrigerant gas is charged by specialized refrigeration technicians, who also deal with the most important welds. The design, the first step for the birth of our products, is entrusted to a specialized team made up of engineers and graphic designers who, constantly working as a team, continually make new improvements to the products that have made us famous in the world in the refrigeration field for forty years.