Important tips on the use of slush machines

For a correct usage of the slush machine please follow the following tips


Remember that the performance of the slush machine are closely connected to a right preparation of the product.


It is always strongly suggested to use only products/concentrates specifically manufacturer for slush production (liquid or powder).

Preparation of the product

When possible pre-chill the product, so that the time needed to have the granita ready to be served will be shorter.

In case of concentrate product, in order to obtain a homogeneous mix, is needed to pre mix in a separate container the concentrate with water according to the directives of the manufacturer of the concentrate. Then pour into the bowl.

In case you want to prepare the slush with your own recipe (home -made) it is essential to respect a sugar concentration of at least 13 BRIX (in the preparation).

To check the sugar concentration use a refractometer.