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Steel casing

Dispensing system

Intuitive controls

Steel casing

Dispensing system

Intuitive controls

Technical Features

Bowl and Cover

Clear food-grade, polycarbonate bowl and cover, which easily pulls off for cleaning operations.

Mixing system

By electromagnetic pump, manufactured with food-grade materials.

Heating element

By electric resistance within aluminium body, provided of safety thermostatic control.

Temperature Control

Adjustable thermostatic system.

Dispensing Tap

Specifically developed to serve hot beverages.

Chassis and Panels

All stainless steel and ABS.


Enviroment Friendly


BPA FREE Model Avaiable

Capri 1S Hot1 x 10 L27x40x68 cm18 Kg
Capri 2S Hot2 x 10 L27x40x68 cm24 Kg
Capri 2S Hot-Cold2 x 10 L27x40x73 cm25 Kg

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